3/4 Inch Scale Registry

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Bill Yoder of Germany has compiled a list of 3/4 inch scale live steam locomotives in North America, both American prototypes as well as Foreign prototypes.

To register your 3/4 inch locomotive, or to provide information on the whereabouts of one, please email Bill:

  • kant50(at)web(dot)de or kant50(at)gmx(dot)de

Bill requests the following information:

  • Modeled after or castings from
  • Lettering
  • Scale
  • Owner
  • Contact
  • Builder
  • Year completed
  • Year acquired by present owner

The Registry

Berlin, Germany

12 April 2016

Dear friends:

I wasn’t very productive since the last issue at the end of December: two computers broke down, the demands of work, etc. I only added about 45 locos, we’re now up to 257. I understand now too that a lot of information holes can only be plugged by someone hitting the major 3/4 inch meets in North America and asking a bunch of questions. I can do some of that in the UK, but I would need partners in North America to make significant progress. There was some help after the December edition, and I want to thank the helpers for that.

As stated before: I now have the Puritons' "Live Steam of Years Gone By", but that info is not yet fully integrated into the text.

These files will again appear on the IBLS webpage, so no one really needs to receive a personal copy from me.

Remember: the Leyland Society of Model Engineers will be having their 3-1/2 inch-gauge only rally near Manchester in the UK on 24 April 2016. See you there!

Bill Yoder