3/4 Inch Scale Registry

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Bill Yoder of Germany has compiled a list of 3/4 inch scale live steam locomotives in North America, both American prototypes as well as Foreign prototypes.

To register your 3/4 inch locomotive, or to provide information on the whereabouts of one, please email Bill:

  • kant50(at)web(dot)de or kant50(at)gmx(dot)de

The Registry

Eastern Europe,

26 December 2015

Dear friends:

Assuming there are no more than several thousand 3.5”-gauge, North American-prototype steamers around - plus foreign-prototype steam located in North America - then I think I could claim that we have begun to scratch the surface with 213 entries to date. But the entries still have all kinds of holes – only a few entries have answers to all six questions. And some entries of course contain mistakes. I even had a 1 ½” PRR 4-4-2 in the last version of the files from the end of October!

Of course, the entries cannot get better than the info I receive, so I will remain grateful for any and all help and info offered. Who could help out with the CV 2-10-4. for ex.? I now have the Puritons’ Live Steam of Years Gone By, but that info is not yet integrated into the text.

Wouldn’t it be neat if this effort could lead to at least a few lost engines being found in cellars and attics and returned to active service!

With the very best wishes! I was just in the States for over five weeks, mostly in Florida. Do hope I will meet some of you someday. Remember: the Leyland Society of Model Engineers will be having their 3 ½”-gauge only rally up near Manchester in the UK on 24 April 2016.

A happy New Year to all,

Bill Yoder