3/4 Inch Scale Registry

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Bill Yoder of Germany has compiled a list of 3/4 inch scale live steam locomotives in North America, both American prototypes as well as Foreign prototypes.

To register your 3/4 inch locomotive, or to provide information on the whereabouts of one, please email Bill:

  • kant50(at)web(dot)de or kant50(at)gmx(dot)de

Bill requests the following information:

  • Modeled after or castings from
  • Lettering
  • Scale
  • Owner
  • Contact
  • Builder
  • Year completed
  • Year acquired by present owner

The Registry

Berlin, 12 April 2018

Dear friends:

I have finally turned the “T’s” around: for ex. 4-6-4T and 4-6-6T come after 4-6-4.

Yes, I do hope to be at the PVLS and Waushakum meets this August in Massachusetts. Perhaps I can meet many of you then and get a lot of new info and corrections for these lists. As always I need more info on: owner, builder and location of photos.

Now we have 484 entries; we should be well over 500 the next time we appear in 3-4 months.

May God grant our world peace, we just had a close scrape yesterday.

Bill Yoder