3/4 Inch Scale Registry

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Bill Yoder of Germany has compiled a list of 3/4 inch scale live steam locomotives in North America, both American prototypes as well as Foreign prototypes.

To register your 3/4 inch locomotive, or to provide information on the whereabouts of one, please email Bill:

  • kant50(at)web(dot)de or kant50(at)gmx(dot)de

Bill requests the following information:

  • Modeled after or castings from
  • Lettering
  • Scale
  • Owner
  • Contact
  • Builder
  • Year completed
  • Year acquired by present owner

The Registry

Eastern Europe, 26 December 2017

Dear friends:

The number of files is still increasing: now 14 files up from 7 last time. I think that is better; I am committed to keeping file size down. We’re now up to 457 entries. Among those are 48 4-4-0’s and 4-6-4’s each as well as 43 4-8-4’s. We have 34 4-6-2’s. 77 of the entries are foreign-prototype, which amounts to 17%.

A few men really got up-to-bat this time and helped: Eric Lagemann, Pat Hosford and Larry Fisher, for ex. Also, as always, Pat Fahey. I appreciate very much that Montreal’s Jim Leggett posts a good bit of stuff on Facebook. Of course, all kinds of room remains for improvements in these files.

I am still listing 4-6-6T’s ahead of 4-6-2’s and 4-6-4’s. I think that makes sense size-wise, for a 4-6-4T or a 4-6-6T is really only a snazzy Ten-Wheeler. But it doesn’t make sense in terms of numbers and I am planning to change this. Number-wise, 4-6-6T should come after 4-6-2 and 4-6-4.

An old request: I appreciate it if people publishing photos on the Internet, for ex. on the Chaski forum or Facebook, would include more info, including at least owner, builder and location of photo.

Best regards and all the best for the New Year. May God grant our world peace,

Bill Yoder