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(August 2015 Version)
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* [http://ibls.org/files/2015/Roster20151030_Foreign.pdf Part 3: Foreign-Prototype Models Located in North America (PDF)]
* [http://ibls.org/files/2015/Roster20151030_Foreign.pdf Part 3: Foreign-Prototype Models Located in North America (PDF)]
== References ==
* [http://www.chaski.org/homemachinist/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=94329&hilit=+high+line+ "3/4" USRA Pacific", <i>Chaski.org</i>]

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Bill Yoder of Germany has compiled a list of 3/4 inch scale live steam locomotives in North America, both American prototypes as well as Foreign prototypes.

October 2015 Version

Eastern Europe,

30 October 2015

Dear friends:

So now we’re up to 163 locos, but the information on many locos is far from complete or current, and getting a high-quality directory will depend upon more info being offered by locomotive owners and their friends. And with luck, we should be up over 300 locos by the end of 2016. Without a photo, I do not want to list any loco.

Count on the next up-dated version appearing at the end of December - or the end of January at the latest. In order to keep file size down, the directory will be split up into an increasing number of files as the number of entries grows. We have three files now.

You should always find the latest version of this directory on the IBLS website. If you don’t want to receive these files by eMail, I can easily drop you off the list.

Happy steaming,

Bill Yoder